Garba gone viral


How two musicians made a Gujarati song hugely popular

‘Char Bangadi Wari Gaadi’ (meaning four-bangled car) song, the ditty that humorously describes traditional Gujarati values of impressing one’s wife, from pleasing her with material items from a particular car to holidays and clothes, has gone viral on youtube, having been viewed more than 38 million times. The song is produced in a traditional garba ‘chalti’ rhythm but uses modern instrumentation.

The song created by Kathiawadi King & Raas Masters in 2016 has now been remade by Mayur Nadiya and sung by Kinjal Dave, a renowned Gujarati artist. Mayur’s version of Char Bangadi Wari Gaadi has a mixture of modern upbeat music mixed with the 90s Bollywood style. One ought to check out both versions.

Kathiawadi King is a Gujarati singer and songwriter who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His parents hail from the city of Jamnagar in Gujarat, India, where he spent his childhood, and more importantly, where he began to cultivate his love for music and lyric writing.

“My passion for Guajarati culture and heritage pushed me to writing this debut track,” says Kathiawadi. “I believe it is time for Gujarati music to enter new era in terms of creativity, something that sets the standard for generations to follow,” he adds.

Raas Masters aka Jkeyz is a UK born Gujarati music producer supported by the BBC and who has worked across music styles from EDM, Tropical House to Gujarati.

His music incorporates infectious melodies and his influences range from Jazz to Bollywood and he has been the only electronic music producer in the world to remix popular Gujarati Navaratri garba tracks. The tracks have been featured on BBC TV, Radio and even the opening and closing ceremony for the 2012 London Olympic Games.


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