Yoga and all that jazz

The album Quiet Earth blends the ancient practice of yoga with music
Aarti Jadu and Matt Coldrick. Photo: Alex Lama

The album Quiet Earth blends the ancient practice of yoga with music

Since the 1960s there has been a boom of interest in the practice of yoga in the western world. In recent years this interest has gathered momentum as more and more people realise that yoga is more than just the physical practice of asanas but is a whole system of health and awareness.

One component of the full yoga system is the practice of kirtan, bhajan and chanting, and as more and more yoga studios incorporate musical practice into their yoga regimes an inevitable growth of awareness in Hindi, Sanskrit and the cultural values and attributes of India and her music has developed.

In Melbourne, Aarti Jadu, whose cultural roots intersect Australian and Mauritian and Indian, and Matt Coldrick, a UK guitarist and producer, have been on their own journey of development with the music of yoga.

The album Quiet Earth blends the ancient practice of yoga with music
Quiet Earth album cover

Their debut album Quiet Earth is a double album which fuses traditional chants and songs with a contemporary style of production and arrangement to help bring devotional music to the attention of this new, growing and eager audience.

The songs were a part of Aarti’s childhood and the familiarity can be heard in the devotion and ease with which she delivers these beautifully intoxicating songs.

Matt’s contribution brings Blues, Jazz, Celtic and folk music influences to the arrangements showing how the themes and feelings can be interpreted in new ways without losing the essence or integrity of their meaning or intention.

The second CD brings a much more contemporary and electronic approach to re-mixing some of the songs in a style best described as “filmatic and ambient”.

The duo released a video shot at Gertrude street yoga last year which quickly went viral clocking over half a million views in less the three months.

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