Khushbu interacts with RMIT University students, gets standing ovation

Khushbu interacts with RMIT University students, gets standing ovation

On Monday, 14 August, South Indian producer-actor Khushbu Sundar visited RMIT University and spoke with Media and Coms Students about the representation of women in Indian Cinema, at a session moderated by Dr Vikrant Kishore.

Khushbu also did a lengthy Q and A with students and guests, and also spoke about her own experiences of working in Indian cinema for over 37 years and 200 films.

She is also the “Honorary Member” and “number one ticket-holder” for Richmond Tigers FC. She is the first Indian, and the only Indian film star/Indian female to be given this honour by any AFL Club in Australia.

Around 200 students and guests had turned up to listen and interact with Khushbu. She got a standing ovation from the audience both at the beginning and the end of session.

Khushbu interacts with RMIT University students, gets standing ovation

Dr Kishore thanked former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta for arranging the visit. Prominent Victorian Indians such as singer Sriram Iyer; Natya Entertainment’s Ms Nithya Remesan; AIBC’s Mr Meit Shah; AFL Ambassadors Ms Preetika Oberoi, Ms Sherry Bali and Ms Nirzari Patel; Sahitya Sandhya’s Dr Subhash Sharma; and IAEF women’s chair Ms Dheepa Awtani also attended the session.

Khushbu also took a tour of RMIT University and was pretty impressed. “I would love to have my daughter join RMIT next year after she finishes her year 12, and if she ends up liking a course being offered here,” said Khushbu after meeting with staff and faculty at RMIT.

Khushbu later also visited the head office of STORM International Group, who are an authorised agents for RMIT University to get a better idea of the whole process of how students from India come to study in Australia.

Earlier during the day, Khushbu had also paid a visit to Hillsmeade Primary School in the marginal seat of Narre Warren South, and interacted with young students about the Indian film industry.

Khusbhu’s husband C Sundar is set to direct epic Sangamithra, which would be the most expensive Indian film ever produced. This movie may bring potential business opportunities for Victoria as well, especially for the IT and Movie Graphics (VFX) related service providers from Melbourne.

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