Skyline and snowfall

An Antarctic blast has delivered 22cm of new snow overnight to Falls Creek in the first wave of cold front forecast to sweep the state. Falls Creek has received 27cm of new snow in the last 36hrs with forth snowfalls today. Heavy snowfalls are expected for Sunday continuing into Monday with blizzard conditions and up to 50cm of new snow for the next 36hrs. The natural snow base at the resort has now passed 1 metre in depth. 10 mth old Cruz Beaton was loving the 30cm+ of snow at Falls Creek off their car. Up to 40cm is forecast at the resort tomorrow.

The snow continues to fall at Falls Creek with another 22cm of the white stuff landing in the last 24 hours, but it’s not over yet—the motherload appears to be on its way.

With the extensive fresh snow, the groomers were spending their nights smoothing out two thirds of our open runs.

For those who love corduroy there’s plenty of choice, and if you’re more of an off piste fan, you’ll find untracked pow through trees and around the resort. Groomers top pick for the moment is Lakeside.


Conditions will be a bit hairy with low visibility and wind, but those conditions are bringing the snow, so we just need to grin and bear it!

For the cross country skiers out there there’s now 43 kms of groomed cross country trails with the surface described as excellent with all the fresh snow.

Blizzard conditions are expected today with a top of -1°, so keeping warm is a must.

If you don’t have enough layers, the team at Falls Creek sports will help you out, base and mid layering are critical in these conditions to keep you toasty!

Clearing the snow

Your goggle lens choice will also make or break things, so take advice from our friends at Dragon—low light lenses are the way to go, this snow boarder prefers rose.

There may be some slight delays on a couple of lifts to ensure everything is tip top so please be patient and enjoy a longer breakfast, a second coffee or a sleep in!

This week kicks off seven decades of Alpine life celebration as 2017 marks the 70th year of the very first lodge Skyline. With a different decade celebrated every day, there’s load to do up here, and with the bucket loads of snow there’s something for everyone!

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