India, Australia, and a parade of culture


Sant Nirankari Mission in collaboration with Ramon Helps Inc takes ‘World Without Walls’ message to the streets

26 January—it’s definitely a day that brings out the true multicultural spirit of Australia. It’s the day that the country Down Under celebrates Australia Day, while India celebrates its Republic Day.

This year on 26 January, volunteers of the Melbourne branch of the Sant Nirankari Mission participated in Melbourne Parade to showcase the ideology of the mission. More than 50 volunteers represented the mission and its values at the Australia Day parade, which sees thousands of people lined up on Melbourne’s Swanston Street. Volunteers carried the flags of both nations and holding posters with His Holiness’ messages of “World Without Walls” and “Bridging Humanity, Piece by Peace”.

The vibrant Australia Day Parade is one of the proudest displays of community and community and diversity.


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