Following his true calling




Rajan Chopra remembers the time he was filled with self-doubt about his move to Australia. He called home from a telephone booth and spoke with his parents, who told him to follow his heart.

And that’s what he did. Rajan decided to make Australia his home, and three years later, he found his business partner in Eshwar, and set up the first campus of St Peter’s Institute right opposite that very same phone booth from where he called his parents.

“While money is definitely the main aim of a business enterprise, I wanted to build a brand as well. The idea was to focus on quality services and provide Australian education to a multicultural clientele,” says Rajan. His simple living, high thinking philosophy and uncanny ability to spot and nurture talent are his biggest strengths.

Rajan is now set to begin a new chapter by opening another campus in the CBD as well as another one in Gold Coast. “After 2017, we are looking at Sydney. St Peters is looked at as an Australian business entity. We’d like to make this an international college.”

Eshwar and he are now trying to give back to the community. They have met with a number of chief ministers in India to start an initiative to train people from villages in English so they can get jobs overseas.


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