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The next time you’re thinking botox, try a little detox instead. It’s simpler, safer and definitely more effective in the long run

When you hear about anti-aging treatments, you think of anti-wrinkle creams and surgical procedures like botox, and non-surgical procedures like laser and micro-dermabrasions. However, topical creams and procedures fight only on the surface. To fight age from within, an overall healthy body system is essential. A good way of achieving this is to routinely cleanse your system.

Eating sensibly and exercising regularly can keep your system ticking right while also helping to lop off a few years from your face but you have to keep in mind the damage caused by various toxins externally entering your system everyday due to air and water pollution and contamination, adulteration in foods, and internally produced free radicals caused by stress and over-exercising (Yes, even too much exercise can be a bad thing as it generates free radicals that can damage skin).

So, now that we have established how important it is to cleanse from within, one of the best methods is detoxification, which improves the overall performance of various body functions.

Detoxification is also mentioned in Hindu culture – fasting, an integral part of the culture, is nothing but a way of detoxification. This results in, amongst other things, a healthier and younger looking skin and a clean body. A regular detox regimen can help avoid beauty problems like pigmentation, dry skin acne etc.

Here are some safe detoxes.


The body’s natural way to flush out toxins is through perspiration. A sauna works on the principle of flushing out impurities and cleaning skin pores. It relaxes the tired muscles, and relieves stress and gives you a feeling of well-being while helping to burn calories by raising the metabolism. Ten minutes in a sauna is comparable to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise.


The rationale behind fasting is that far fewer toxins are taken in, so the body is able to rid itself of those already present within. Also, the food allowed during fasting is usually fruits and juices which are lighter and give the body a sort of R&R, helping it bounce back again more efficiently.


Most detox diets are based on the principle of eating organic rather than processed. Avoid consumption of meat and consume fruits and vegetables and drink water.

Foods to include in your detox plan

  • Soy or rice milk.
  • Fish, organic chicken, or eggs.
  • Brown rice, wheat-free pasta, quinoa, millet, pulses.
  • Garlic and onions.
  • Olive oil and flaxseed oil.
  • Fresh fruits and nuts.
  • Fresh vegetables especially broccoli, brussels sprout.
  • Foods such as turnips, soy bean, and vinegar boost the body’s immunity and neutralise toxins.
  • Vitamins—Vitamin C and E fight free radicals that damage the cells and lower immune function. Eating the recommended amounts of fruits, nuts and fish can supply your body with vitamins.


Colonics or cleansing the large intestine with purified water, herbs and other cleansing agents are often combined with fasting to flush toxins from the body. It goes beyond a simple enema, but make sure you go to a trained therapist.


This is a massage that stimulates the lymphatic system (responsible for production of antibodies). As a result, the lymph glands eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluids and bacteria. It has numerous benefits, like regeneration of tissues and is also known to reduce wrinkles.

Please consult your doctor before undertaking any procedure or detox program. For any queries, write to enquiry@livingsmart.in or www.livingsmart.in.


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