New Year, a new you?

Kathie Baker

Whatever your new year resolution—whether it’s losing weight or gaining perspective—just remember to be kind to yourself. And that said, it’s time to get 2017 on the road

Christmas 2016 has come and gone and we have started 2017. How many promises will be made and broken? We begin each year with hope and drive for the new year but it takes grit and determination to carry through with the promises we make. These New Year Resolutions are often difficult to keep.

If losing weight is an objective for you for the New Year, Helen from Hypnofit has given us an exclusive story on ways not to sabotage your efforts. With all the good food and time away from work during the December/January period it is really hard to say no to all those goodies laden with sugar and topped with cream. That run around the block gets put off until tomorrow or next week and then we feel the scales groaning beneath us as we discover our unintentional weight gain. Don’t let panic set in—MOST people struggle with NOT gaining weight whilst on holidays, especially as we get older. So I suggest you be kind to yourself and take on board some of Helen’s advice.

Do you find it stressful going on holidays or travelling for pleasure or business? Stress is a part of modern living, and everyone has their own trigger. If getting into gear to go on that trip, just doesn’t do it for you, you may find practicing a regime of “healthy lifestyle habits” is just the thing. Find something that works for you, whether it’s hitting the gym or the road or just having some “me” time.

The types of holidays we choose, the pace of the holiday, the mode and length of travel and of course the people we choose to travel with can make or break the perfect holiday. Sometimes we are just not in sync with our holiday partners—leading to disaster. If you have a holiday “disaster story” you wish to share, send it in. Mine was a camping story.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to sharing in 2017.

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