Mum’s the word, so is multi-tasking




Dolly Coutinho gives 200 per cent to her job, which probably explains how she managed to work her way up from an entry-level job to her current position as manager, home and investment lending with ANZ.

Originally from Mumbai, Dolly came to Australia in 2003. She has two Master’s Degrees from the University of Mumbai in Commerce and Management Studies specialising in finance.

Her biggest challenge when she reached Australia was to make the huge leap from staying home with two kids to working full-time in the corporate world.

“I had to use every care possible. Before school, after school, family day care, you name it. I had no family here. I had to struggle to do everything on my own,” says Dolly, whose daughter Delilah, a student of psychology, was crowned Miss India Australia 2015 and son Dylan is doing his VCE exams.

She still remembers walking into a NAB branch to open an account, asking the lady at the counter how she could get a job, calling an employment agency, dropping her kids off at school, and turning up one hour late. “I was told I would have to go back. I broke down and asked them to give me a chance.”

It worked. “I’ve never looked back since that day.”


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