Diversity, development, dedication


Lata Sharma is one of the three finalists in the executive female category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

As director of Golden Warp Pty Ltd, Lata Sharma has made her presence felt in the growing company by demonstrating her effective leadership in addressing issues, resolving conflicts and achieving targets.

She has also effectively managed the selection and training of the team in different locations such as Sydney, Yantai, India and Pakistan.

At Golden Warp, Lata has established standard operating procedures for ensuring Australian compliances in regards to human resource selection, work place equality and grievance resolutions as well as evolved a procedure for efficient supply chain management whereby the goods are shipped, cleared and distributed in the most efficient manner.

The nature of the business that the company has requires sensitive control over fluctuating exchange rates of different currencies including USD, RMB, GBP and Euros. Timely and decisive actions are required to ensure the desired targeted exchanges are met on current as well as on future dates and thereby achieve the targeted profitability, and Lata has proven herself in this regard over and over.

Lata has also been instrumental in bringing a diverse cast of individuals to the workplace. “I believe in having strong diversity in the work place, creating a strong team with unique strengths for everyone to draw from. This has been the case for all of Golden Warp offices across Australia, China and India,” she says.

Lata believes in giving back to the community, and education has always been her area of focus in terms of her welfare activities. “Only education can help a community, a society and a nation reach the next level,” says Lata, who contributes generously in her personal capacity to help schools in remote areas in India. She is also putting together a scholarship fund for deceased soldiers’ children to help them achieve their higher education goals.


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