Man of mettle


Madhur Gupta is one of the three finalists in the medium business category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

Manhari Metals is the fastest growing metal scrap company in Melbourne and ranks in the top five in terms of turnover. The company exports 90% of the scrap metal bought, thus minimising the metal going to tipping sites thereby preventing environmental degradation.

Metal scrap is generally brought in large quantities from places such as transfer stations and industry sites etc, but motor vehicles too play an important role in recycling as around 1 million cars are sold in Australia each year and a similar quantity is wrecked for parts and then scrapped.

Manhari Metals was started by Madhur Gupta who came to Australia as a student and completed his masters in business administration from Monash University in 2005. “Coming from a business family in India, our focus was to start a company here in Australia. Our first venture was exporting woollen bales and carpets. But then we saw the potential in scrap metal as in India the business was booming. We started Manhari metals by purchasing a single car engine.“

Madhur then rented a small factory, purchased a small truck and forklift and started to source scrap, process and sell it. “Long hours, blood sweat and tears have made us what we are today,” says Madhur. But all through the years, Madhur made sure that the philosophy of the company, which was to provide on time service at best prices did not change. They have now begun offering their service to the Wimmera Area. “We opened our second year in Horsham and served four major local councils for over four years cleaning up tipping sites and removing unwanted scrap metal.

“What makes our business work is that the entire vision is geared towards community benefit. We take responsibility to recycle goods saving people and communities from environmental hazards. The company also supports local charities, youth footy clubs and schools,” says Madhur.


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