Ultramarthoner Sam Gash reaches 2,000 km mark for Run India


Ultramarthoner Samantha Gash has reached the 2,000km mark in her West to East run across India for World Vision. She has run 2,198km in 57 days and is still on track to finish in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, in November, having just passed the halfway point of her run a couple of weeks ago in Kanpur.

She has visited numerous World Vision community projects that she is fundraising for along her journey, including Barmer, Jaipur, North-West Delhi, Pauri, Hardoi, and Kanpur.

In week six Samantha had the opportunity to see communities through the eyes of special guests, Tom Phillips, Collingwood Football Club player, and his father Anthony Phillips. They joined Samantha to visit a World Vision India community in Kanpur.

The stories of change the group heard that day were inspiring, including one young women’s struggle to get into school due to her gap in education. With the help of World Vision she found a school and passed an entrance test. Now she has competed 12th grade with her two younger sisters and is working as a part-time teacher in a local school.

Tom Phillips commented about his time with Run India:  “It’s been a really good learning opportunity, a test of physical fitness and a really good challenge.”

Check out the Run India Week 6 video featuring Samantha, Tom and his father Anthony in Kanpur.


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