Fashion for every feeling


Growing up on a small island in Mauritius, Heerma Seedoyal watched as her parents eke out a living through their small clothing business. Her mother would design and sew the dresses while her father would create and tailor high-end bespoke suits for men.

Though her father was offered the experience to design for a major brand in France, he chose to stay with his family instead. Heerma followed in her parent’s footsteps, sewing clothes for her dolls from a young age and then sewing beautiful clothing for herself. Heerma continued to maintain her interest in the world of fashion despite going overseas to study business and finance at Brookes University in the UK. After completing her studies, she travelled overseas eventually settling in Australia.

Heerma’s love for fashion never left her. “I knew that one day I would begin a venture specifically aimed at making luxurious clothing, accessories, bridal dresses, evening wear and lingerie. I love creating clothes that make a person feel great and confident about themselves,” says Heerma.

Always being disappointed by not being able to find the right fit and quality in lingerie, bridal dresses and other outfits, Heerma started her own company to fill this void in the marketplace. Heerma’s brand,, is all about creating beautiful, elegant designs that not only look fantastic but feel fantastic. “My designs are the ultimate confidence booster,” says Heerma, who has expanded her focus and skillset to include events management (Your Majesty Events) and is currently in the process of launching a high-profile event….

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