Cooling, calming, curing

Cooling, calming, curing

Enjoy a session of ‘taking of the waters’ at Daylesford and Hepburn’s mineral springs

“Taking of the waters” or “Taking the cure”, is an expression, which has a long history. Water, which has been impregnated with mineral compositions, water that comes from the earth or natural springs is said to bring with it all types of healing properties.

The water has been used in rituals throughout the centuries. It has been used for healing all kinds of ailments. It is an ancient practice, which is still around to this day, although these days we tend to focus on the “pampering” as much as the “healing”.

Today, “Taking of the Waters” has gone up-market, and a typical session may include, however not be limited to steam, sauna, and eucalyptus inhalation, all designed to clear the body and mind of toxins. Then, the ultimate experience you’ve been waiting for: a private soak in The Spa’s mineral springs and the final step maybe a visit to The Spa’s “quiet room” where you can cool off and drift away on your own comfy day bed.

Even today, the philosophy behind “Taking of the Waters” holds strong, noting water therapy as a primary source for a long life and good health, as well as a useful tool for those suffering with pain and disease. “Taking of the Waters” — in the form of drinking and bathing with hot, warm, tepid and cold waters, as well as mineral, gaseous, saline, sea and fresh waters — serves to preserve health, prevent illness and treat disease. The composition of the water includes concentrations of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfate, potassium and iron, all with known health benefits.

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are renowned as not only being one of Melbourne’s favorite places for a pamper, but are also world famous for their 72 health-giving mineral springs and over 30 spas, wellness retreats and healing centres.

Whether you drink from the natural springs, or soak in a spa—you do so knowing these practices are practices that hold true from the roots of ancient times.

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