Remit2India unveils free set top box offer


Send money to India, get money from India. Add on your favourite TV serials

We Indians in Australia always miss everything about home. Whether it’s the festivals, our family or just the memories of our formative years, we always have that connect in us. One thing we all miss is our Indian TV programs—and now there is a way in which we can access them, for free. Remit2India, in association with Vision Asia, is presenting a special offer all of this month for Indians in Australia. Any customer who sends money through Remit2India, will get a free Vision Asia set-top box worth A$299 plus an additional discount of A$229 on the annual subscription package with the box.

Further, Remit2India is waiving off all transaction fees and giving an assured additional benefit of a minimum 45 paisa per A$ sent. All of this put together gives users an assured benefit totaling to a whopping A$550 by simply sending money home through Remit2India. Here’s how—Free set-top box worth A$299 + Annual Subscription discount of A$229 + $5 fee waiver + A$18 additional benefit of 45 paisa assuming a send amount of A$2000 and an exchange rate of Rs.50.

That’s not all, even existing Vision Asia customers benefit with a free two-month extension of their current subscription package along with all the rate and fee benefits when sending money home through Remit2India. All one needs to do is enter the code ‘Vision50’ when booking the transaction on Remit2India. Once the transaction is complete, the Vision Asia team will connect with the user and facilitate instalment of the package.

This promotion is open for a limited period only so make sure you make the most of it. The details of the offer and the terms are available on the website

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