Manor Lakes officially recognised as suburb

Manor Lakes officially recognised as suburb
Wyndham now home to 18 unique and vibrant suburbs with “proud histories and exciting futures”, says Cr Maynard
Wyndham is now home to Melbourne’s newest suburb, with Wyndham City being informed by the State Government that it will officially recognise Manor Lakes as a suburb in its own right.
Wyndham City has been contacted by the Office of Geographic Names that Manor Lakes is now officially a suburb.
Iramoo Ward Councillor Peter Maynard congratulated the residents that had campaigned to have Manor Lakes made a suburb.
“With this latest announcement, Wyndham City is happy to inform the people of Manor Lakes that they are now living in Melbourne’s newest suburb,” Cr Maynard said.
“This means that Wyndham is now home to 18 unique and vibrant suburbs with proud histories and exciting futures,” he added.
“I would like to thank all of the Council staff that worked tirelessly to facilitate this lengthy process and congratulate the Manor Lakes Residents Association for all their hard work,” said Cr Maynard.
Wyndham City is now in the process of writing to residents to help them transition to their new addresses.
“While life for people living in Manor Lakes will largely continue as normal, theycan now begin using Manor Lakes as their suburb. There are alsoa few important changes that residents need to be aware of,” Cr Maynard said.
“The Manor Lakes postcode will remain the same as Wyndham Vale and Australia Post has been informed of change,” he added.
“Wyndham City understands that Australia Post will redirect mail for 6 to 12 months if it is incorrectly marked as Wyndham Vale rather than Manor Lakes. Emergency services have also been informed of the new suburb and their services have been updated,” Cr Maynard said.
Manor Lakes residents however will be required to contact their service providers to have their account details changed. They will also need to contact VicRoads to have their suburb updated on their licences.
Cr Maynard also said that residents may experience some delays in changing their addresses with their service providers while Australia Post updates some online information.
“Council would like to remind residents that they can access free internet at Wyndham City’s public libraries, including Wyndham Vale Library, to update their details,” said Cr Maynard.
For more information call Wyndham City on 9742 0777 or visit
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