Tangy to taste : Aloo there, in the mood for golguppas?

Indian restaurants in Sydney

If Indian street food is up your alley, head to Chatkazz

You talk Indian food and the awareness is limited to what is served within the four walls of a sit-down (and inevitably) north Indian restaurant – tandoori chicken, butter chicken or naan! These limitations have not done justice to the true taste of India – the tastes of roadside snacks as experienced by a majority of Indians back in India.

Licking my fingers after downing a plateful of golguppas, smacking my tongue to the taste of the tangy chutney with the aloo tikki or papri chaat are memories that resonate when I think of my life in India. Street food is an integral part of the Indian cuisine that languished in the shadows of the exotic shahi paneer, dal makhani or a malai chicken! And that is where Chatkazz come in…They are here to bring the foods that one would get by the Mumbai beachside or on the streets of Delhi, Hyderabad or Chennai. They serve you an array of street delicacies, from pakora to panipuri to dosas that will satisfy the heartiest appetites.

Dharmesh, the owner and chef of Chatkazz says the idea germinated from a need for authentic Indian street food with the right ambience. “It’s been an amazing journey; we’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving authentic Indian street food to all the foodies in Australia. We started with

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