Demand and delivery


A desi touch to the Australian outback and you get Delivery Centric (DC) founded in 2006 by Bangalore-bred Mira and Pani. The tech company was started with a view to build a viable business, support Australian tech projects and bridge the gap between supply and demand.

The Melbourne-based company is now also operating in New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines being supported by an offshore team in Bangalore, India. Delivery Centric will soon be starting operations in the UK and USA.

DC is an Oracle Platinum partner and the first company in the Apac region to specialize in identity and access management.

Behind the scenes. Pani is an IT engineer, but also manages sales, finance and operations at DC. He is a keen observer of the Australian and Indian real estate markets, having invested in some turnkey projects. Mira has a Master’s in HR, and is a certified resume writer and career coach. Mira loves networking with people, speaking with industry experts and provides free insights on interview techniques, and the Aus style of resume formatting to help new immigrants land in a job.


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