Music, dance, and an open-air bridal show


Festivals of South Asia Inc (FOSAI) is set to mark the end of 2015 with a grandiose, magnificent and elaborate celebration — the Bollywood music and dance festival.


Based on our past experiences and the support FOSAI has received from the community and business, we are able to create this platform to draw the best of talents and creative minds to work with FOSAI.


The team of FOSAI and Brides of Asia have come together for the first time to showcase this ambitious initiative of the Bridal Show at the festival.


Never before have brides of so many nations come together to showcase the multiculturalism of Asia. Melbournians will have a chance to experience the open-air bridal show, which in the past was always showcased to a limited audience within closed spaces.


Melbournians can also enjoy non-stop music and dance in the morning and top it up with Brides of Asia show in the evening. It will truly be a unique experience.


I thank Kareem Nowam, the mastermind behind this concept, and all the models who are working tirelessly for the show. This is an excellent opportunity to all the designers to showcase their outfits. People of Wyndham, look out for one of the most spectacular shows ever.

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