Nikaahs and nuptials from India and Pakistan


Saba Yasmin, My Wardrobe

Saba Yasmin, who is representing Indian and Pakistani culture for the upcoming bridal fashion show, says she is a “customer turned designer”. “I used to be one of the customers of My Wardrobe. Once I was passing through a road in Sydney and saw My Wardrobe empty. I thought they were renovating but then realized the owner was moving away and looking for someone to buy the business. I looked at my husband and he looked at me. And we knew we wanted to take it over,” she says. “That was the start of my journey,” she adds, calling her husband, Shoukat Ali Khan, the owner of sub-continental grocery store, Hayat Hyper Market, her pillar of strength, along with her partner Mamta Soni.

“I never thought I would love being a designer so much because it was such a sudden decision. But I love my work,” says Saba, who is participating in the South Asian Bridal Show for the first time.

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