Say I do, from Kathmandu


Himani Naidu, Glitter and Glow

From community work, acting, drama, fashion, photography, styling and designing clothes, Himani Naidu has tried it all. “I believe if you have a choice in life then do what you always dreamed of,” says the IT graduate turned designer and entrepreneur. “Today I am actively involved in my family business Sierra Homes and have my company Glitter and Glow,” says Himani.

Originally from Nepal, Himani migrated to Australia 25 years ago with her family. “I also run a non-profit to help and support disadvantage children in Nepal,” says Himani.

But Himani admits that design is her biggest passion. “Growing up in Australia helps you understand so many different cultures and the inspiration for my clothes comes both from my roots and the land I spent the last 25 years in,” says the designer.

Through Glitter and Glow Himani has designed for the Miss Australia Heritage and Miss Australia Heritage International, which took place in Chandigarh, India, this December. “And now, I am looking forward to being part of the South Asian Bridal Show and representing the Nepalese Bride,” she says.

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