Meet the Swami from IIT


Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swami, a graduate from one of India’s most prestigious engineering institutes, and a scholar of astrology, Sanskrit and the Vedas, is coming to Sydney to speak about tolerance and service, which he believes are the backbone of society

In a world overridden with saints and spiritual leaders, it is not often that we come across one who is an academician, who is well-versed both in the Art of Science and the Art of Spirituality. Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swami completed his degree from IIT, Kharagpur and has been the honorary principal in many academic institutions, the prestigious Benares Hindu University being one amongst them. He holds a doctorate in Astrology and a Masters in Sanskrit and the study of the Vedas. These achievements are no mean feat for any individual.

It is believed that Guruvanand Swamiji’s spiritual journey began at a very early age and he acquired his Siddhis through rigorous Sadhana for nearly 42 years. He aspires to utilise his divine gift and energy to answer questions about life and existence and help those in distress and aid in the upliftment of the human race. Guruvanad Swamiji may be a Hindu saint but his knowledge and understanding of other faiths has attracted people from all religious denominations to his lectures. He has travelled the world to over 170 countries with his message of tolerance and service. The German Astrological Society bestowed him the title of Jyotish Murmagya. He has participated in a number religious conferences at the global level, including but not limited to the All Religion World Conference where he was honoured with the gold medal for the Best Personality on more than one occasion.

Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swamiji is visiting Sydney on the invitation of Rajeev and Ritu Sharma, as announced at a media interaction on 29 June. Present at the launch was also Mr. Shiv Prasad who had met Guruvanad Swamiji whilst he was in the US and has been following him for more than six years.

While the visits of spiritual leaders can be a very commercial endeavour, this particular one is different as there is no fee for attending the lectures/talks. “An audience with Guruvanad Swamiji and listening to his talks had touched and changed my life and way of thinking. I am hoping to share that with Sydney-siders. My take is that knowledge and wisdom comes to us from various angles and various sources. Go with an open mind as you never know what is waiting in the next corner; and you would never know if you don’t check it out,” says Mr Rajeev Sharma.


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