Japan’s Line messaging service launches music streaming app


Line, operator of one of the most popular smartphone messaging services worldwide, launched on Thursday a music streaming application in Japan, the world’s second largest music market, Efe news agency reported.

The application, called Line Music, allows unlimited access to a library containing over 1.5 million songs for a monthly charge of $8.12 or access to the content for 20 hours per month for half the cost or $4.

However, the company said the service, currently available only in Japan, will be free during June and July.

Available for Android and iPhone users, the app offers popular singles by successful Western artists from Pharrell Williams to Taylor Swift and a multitude of content for the Japanese public including Japanese and Korean pop groups or soundtracks of well-known animated series made in Japan.

Line Music, a joint venture between Avex Digital, Sony Music Entertainment and Line Corp, hopes to expand its musical library to up to five million songs by the end of the year and to over 30 million by next year.

The company, whose messaging service has 560 million users (some 60 million of them in Japan), hopes to lead the market for streaming services in the Asian country where even streaming giants like Spotify are not available.

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