Let fitness kick in early with Fit Kicks


The Australian government’s health department recommends physical activity for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily (for children and adolescents). It is also recommended that Australian children and young people should not spend more than two hours each day using electronic media for entertainment (e.g. computer games, internet, TV).

Easier said than done in most homes, but at Fit Kicks it seems as easily done as said.

With Fit Kicks comes a new way to teach kids to be healthy and active, and most important, to become great people, says the program founder Louise Bradley.

“The sports program was created to be a positive role model in our community. A place where everyone is welcome, where we are all part of the same team and all get along. Fit-Kicks is much more than just a sport program, it’s life changing,” adds Bradley.

With tailormade classes for various age groups from 2 to 12, the Fit Kicks Sport Program is suited to the developmental levels of kids and ensures that everyone will be safe, have fun, and stay motivated by working with kids their own age. “The toddlers will get to work with parents by their side, while the older bunch will get to explore sports in a non‐competitive, fun and engaging atmosphere,” says Bradley.

For more information on Fit-Kicks Sport Programs, contact M: 0400 939 884; E: fit-kicks@outlook.com; log in to www.fit-kicks.com.au

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