Putting community needs first

the indian sun person of the year nominee 2014

Rampal Reddy Muthyala, member of the South Metropolitan Regional Advisory Council (RAC), holds a professional degree in Information Systems from CQU and a Bachelor’s of Pharmacy from Gulbarga University, India. He has organised a number of fund-raisers and blood donation camps supporting various community causes and has represented the community with the Victoria Multicultural Commission.

As Secretary and Trustee of AUMSAI Sansthan Temple, he was part of the core team that helped establish the Shirdi Sai temple in Mordialloc. Rampal, who also owns Aarya Super Market in Bentleigh, says that community service is his passion.

“I believe that maintaining a strong relationship with representatives at various levels in the Government and Opposition will help us put the Indian community forward,” he says.

Published in The Indian Sun/ The Indian Sun person of the year nominee

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