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Surya Prakash and VenkataKollu say it was always their dream to bring the goodness of India to the shores of Australia

Sweet India was set up at a time when good Indian sweets were something of a rarity in Melbourne. The shipments from India were your best bet.

Venkat and Prakash wanted to change this. Like all good ideas, the implementation was long and difficult. But in the end they pulled it off.

“In 2007 we started thinking about it and by May that year we had rented out the property at Kilmur Road in Hoppers Crossing,” says Surya.

The toughest part was getting sweet makers who could speak English and meet all the visa requirements.

Some of the best sweet makers are known for their skill because it’s a family tradition. “They learn it from their dads or uncles,” says Surya.

He says that apart from the high quality of the product, management plays a big role in the success of Sweet India. “We managed to maintain our high quality. We did this by not cutting costs. We also committed to a particular product and we stuck to it. We have the same range. Of course, on special occasions, we bring a couple of new products on,” he says.

Sweet India has now opened branches in Geelong and Lyndhurst.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine in Melbourne)

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