New CG wants to reach out to all sections of Indian community


Newly appointed Consul General Sunjay Sudhir says that trade and diaspora are on top of his list of priorities in Australia. It might not be a coincidence that in these times of rising trade between India and Australia a trade expert and diplomat who worked with global trade organisations has been appointed Consul General of India in Sydney. Speaking to The Indian Sun, Mr Sudhir said that he is impressed with the level of activity and the profile of the local Indian diaspora.

Mr Sudhir says that his appointment comes at a time when both India and Australia and the larger global economy are undergoing massive transformations. According to Mr Sudhir, this means that his work, as a diplomat from India in Australia, will not always be what it used to in previous years. Among Mr Sudhir’s challenges will be balancing the interests of all the different sections of the local Indian diaspora, for instance new immigrants, the settled Indian community, students etc

Many new initiatives are being planned to streamline services for travellers shuttling between the two countries, and for the Indian community in Australia.

The Indian community has been keenly awaiting news on a trade deal between Australia and India. As if in answer to that, Mr Sudhir says that negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement are at an advanced stage.

The Consul General says that India is hoping Australia will open its market to the Indian pharmaceutical industry as well as offshore more services to India. Another sector expected to play a major role in the relation between the two countries is tourism. Mr Sudhir believes that Australian know-how in many industries will be valuable to the Indian economy.

Mr Sudhir also emphasised that the Consul General intended to be accessible to all sections of the Indian community—including students, temporary residents, newly arrived immigrants etc—and welcomed all groups to feel free to approach his office with any concerns or needs.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Newspaper in Sydney)

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