NSW Goan Overseas Association Anniversary Dinner Dance


Saturday, 31 May was a red letter day for NSW GOA members and guests as a Red and Black Dinner Dance was held at the Novotel, Rooty Hill, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the Association.

The Tivoli Room at the Novotel was transformed into a grand ballroom with an enchanting red and black setting for our 300 guests resplendent in their red and black outfits.

It was a fun filled evening with very enjoyable music by Street Party and DJ Gerard Janssen, a fantastic array of culinary delights from the international buffet to choose from, lots of dancing, including the novelty dance (a lovely hand fan calligraphed with the GOA logo for ladies and a key chain / bottle opener with the GOA logo for the gents).

One of the highlights of the evening was the spellbinding “Dekhni” – a Goan cultural dance which was performed flawlessly by our members. Goa’s cultural richness and vividness is well reflected through Goan folk dances. Dekhni in Konkani language means “bewitching beauty”. Thanks to Facebook, Youtube and the GOA Website , Goans all over the world will now marvel at Sydney’s Goan Dance troupe and you can get a glimpse of this here.

The other highlight was a fast moving Justin Timberlake performance “Take Back the Night” by our youth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SebhgO09RDc

This was followed by Awards Distribution.

Three of our youth (Noah Vaz – ATAR 99.0, Joshua Mathias – ATAR 96.25 and Jefferson Boyd ATAR 95.85) were awarded HSC High Achiever Awards for their exceptional results in the HSC, sponsored by Westpac.

The GOA NSW Goan of the Year 2014 Community Award was awarded to Cyprian Fernandes for his contribution to the Goan Community of NSW over the past 34 years and for his long standing community service for our key values of family, faith community & culture.

All in all, a wonderful evening was enjoyed by members and guests. Further pictures are available on our website http://www.goansw.org/ or on our Facebook page

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