Gandhi International Prize For Social Responsibility


SGI Oceania Chief Mr Sasaki, SGIA Vice General Director Mr Johns, Andrew Elsbury MLC, Mrs Saeed, Professor Saeed, SGIA General Director Mr Steains, SGI General Director Mr Oba, ICON Australia Founder Mr Watts, SGI Senior Assistant Women’s Leader Mrs Kasanuki, SGIA Women’s Leader Mrs Bran, SGI Oceania Women’s Leader Mrs Hiramatsu, SGI Assistant Women’s Leader Mrs Matsue

The inaugural medal of the Mahatma Gandhi International Prize for Social Responsibility was awarded to the Buddhist leader and educator Daisaku Ikeda on 10 May in Melbourne. Ikeda is the third president of the Soka Gakkai (value creating society) and he is also the founder of the International Soka Gakkai. The medal was awarded on the 50th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai.

Gambhir Watts, president of the International Centre of Nonviolence Australia, presented the award.

The Mahatma Gandhi International Prize for Social Responsibility recognises work done by those individuals around the world who have dedicated their life to cause of social justice and promoting peace and nonviolence in their day to day life.

Details for the 2015 award will be available on the ICON website ( soon. A panel of five judges will be in charge of next year’s awards. The process, according to an ICON media release, will be “well-documented”.

Published in The Indian Sun, Indian magazine in Sydney

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