Maha Shivaratri at Sri Ram Krishna Temple


Sri Ram Krishna Temple celebrated its first Maha Shivaratri in February at its new premises in Austral. Anil Singh, the Former President and now legal adviser, attended the celebrations.

The 10-day function culminated on 21 February and had a crowd of about 500 people in attendance. After the prayers ended at 9pm the dignitaries who attended the function gave short speeches.

George Anand thanked the musicians, the priests, the donors and the participants for their support. In his speech Harish Velji criticised the Abbott Government’s decision not to release  funds approved by the previous government. “This money was budgeted for and given to the Sri Ram Krishna Temple following a tender,” he said.

Velji also said that the temple was interested in having its own crematorium as the Hindu population in Sydney had increased dramatically.

Another speaker, Aisha Amjad, said: “As we gather here to celebrate Lord Shiva, the god of creation, preservation and destruction, I think that these are the attributes we all should aspire to as we live our lives. Creating an environment of acceptance and assimilation; preserving our values and culture; and destruction of all things  negative and hateful. As we all know no religion preaches violence… rather unity through diversity and love of all god created beings and things.”



Published in Indian magazine, Australia

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