Yadu Singh, Shwetali Pedlikar speak on heart, oral health at Toongabbie


The Australian Telengana Forum recently organised a health seminar, attended by 35 people, at Toongabbie Community Centre. Sydney cardiologist Dr Yadu Singh spoke to the attendees. Dr Singh stressed the importance of visiting a GP or medical doctor for a check-up and explained what good and bad cholesterol meant. Dr Singh emphasised the importance of a healthy diet and the consequences of stress on the heart.
Dr Shwetali Pedlikar, Sydney dentist, spoke about oral hygiene and care. She explained the causes and symptoms of common dental diseases like dental caries and periodontal disease.
Joint Secretary of the ATF Hanmanth Reddy Marikanti thanked the attendees.
Annoucements were also made about the forthcoming events Vanabhojanam, feast in the forest, and ATF Telangana Premiere League-Cricket match, coming up in April 2014. For more information go to australiantelanganaforum.org.au.


Published in Indian magazine, Australia



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