Leg before cricket !!!


Recently, the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) bowled a maiden over!

I am referring to the incident in which a woman, Lynda Reid, was turned away at the Members Stand of the Sydney Cricket Ground on the day of a cricket match, because the hemline of her pink floral dress was short and had violated the dress code, which states that dresses should be ”of a respectable length”. Take a look at her photo and you be the judge.

What is going on? Has the Taliban infiltrated the SCG? What next? All females have to wear chastity belt?

Is the SCG still living in the Stone Age? Is it a gathering of old men which is finding it difficult to move on with the times? Baring skin and showing off legs is so common place and accepted practice these days! Have they not observed semi-naked women jumping out of billboards on buses, in shopping malls adverts and in other public places? Bollywood would just laugh its head off if it was told to produce a movie without an item number showcasing lovely legs!

If cricket is so “anti-leg”, then why does the game have a leg spinner? Matches have been won because of leg byes, for God sake! How does cricket justify exposing leg before wicket? Is it not being hypocritical for using the fine leg position? Why are leg glances and leg breaks allowed?  Why does it use a leg stump? What’s with a leg side?

Cricket is so obsessed with legs!!! Therefore, I don’t think it has any legs to stand on to justify their “No legs & knees please” policy. It’s just a silly point!!

Come to think of it, cricket and its associated events show more skin than R18+ classified movies. Let me explain.

Streakers are quite common during a cricket match. Streakers are attracted to cricket like bears to honey. Tired from the proceedings of a boring match, the typical streaker will jump into his/her birthday suit and run around the ground with the security personnel in hot pursuit. So, nudity is traditionally part and parcel of cricket. I have seen women sunbathing during the cricket matches too.

Where do I start with cheerleader girls? It’s not about what they are wearing but about what they are not wearing!! How could cricket allow such pieces of eye candies and still pretend to be highbrow? The T20 cricket games are not about cricket but all about entertainment orgies! If the cheerleader girls’ skin show is admissible and kosher then a woman wearing a skirt above her knee level should not be a big deal.

Finally, have you been to a cricket awards ceremony?  I would not blame you if you thought you had mistakenly stepped into a venue holding Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The award ceremony is really about the WAGs (Wife and Girl Friends) and their sexy dresses. I am surprised that cricket has not instituted and conducted an award for the “Hottest WAG of the year” as yet!!. The vital statistics in that room would be more interesting than a cricket commentator’s rattling of Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket statistics!!. In the sea of flashing legs and exposed fine skin, Lynda Reid in her short frock would be lucky to get a passing glance from anyone.

So, with so much bare skin exposed in cricket, a low hemline is just a storm in a tea cup. This is just not cricket, SCG!. Get on with it and leggo!! Give the leg a leg up!

Your honour, I rest my case!!

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Newspaper in Sydney)

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