Zumba to help migrants find their beat in Holroyd


Boronia Multicultural Centre’s Zumba program in Holroyd Council has lately been attracting many members of the Indian community living in the area. The Seniors Group coordinator Jaspreet Walia says that a strong contingent of North Indian and other South Asian migrants attend the organisation’s Zumba classes each week.

The program held on Monday mornings from 10am at Toongabbie Community Centre is followed by morning tea and dietary advice for nearly 50 locals.

A Council media release says that “it is a wellbeing program that complements Holroyd City Council’s commitment to promoting physical activity and healthy eating amongst the community through the ‘Healthy Holroyd’ project.”

“We are a group who understand the difficulties people may face when they come to a new place so we provide activities like language classes, computer tutorials, special playgroups and of course, our popular Zumba lessons,” says Mrs Walia.

“This group has really worked because people from all over Holroyd are bringing their friends along, and cultures are coming together, instead of staying home and feeling lonely.

“Many of the clients had never even heard of Zumba but they’re really enjoying this new concept and we’ve got a few naturals who have really come out of their shell.”

The community organisation aims to provide appropriate social, recreational, cultural, and local support services to families of refugee and migrant backgrounds from Holroyd and Parramatta Local Government Areas.

“We embrace the work of our local service providers to address the needs of residents and their families,” said Holroyd City Mayor Nasr Kafrouni.

“It doesn’t just stop at making them feel welcome when they first get to Holroyd, we need to make sure that they are not isolated or lonely and that they understand there are ways they can get support.”

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine  in Australia)

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