Miss India Australia 2014


Reena Koak’s Miss India Australia Corporation held its 2014 Miss India Australia pageant, Miss/Mrs/Mr India Au – Touch the soul, at Sydney’s Baha’i centre on Saturday 15 February.

There were 22 contestants from all over Australia and the winners were chosen by a panel of six judges.

The pageant had various segments including evening wear, Western wear, fitness, a traditional round, where they displayed Indian costumes, and a Q&A. The 6 judges picked 3 winners in 3 main categories of MISS INDIA AU 2014, MRS INDIA AU 2014- Touch the Soul, MR INDIA AUSTRALIA 2014.

The MISS INDIA AU crown went to Phalguni Kataria from Melbourne, MRS. INDIA AU went to Anant Sidana from Sydney and MR INDIA AUSTRALIA went to Rohit Kalia from Sydney. The runner up for Miss India Au was UP was Nikhita Matharoo from Sydney.

Winners in the other categories (public choice) were: MISS QUEEN OF HEARTS 2014-Biswa Kamilla; MRS. QUEEN OF HEARTS 2014-Renuka Paul; MR Popularity 2014-MR INDIA AU –Amlan Sharma; MISS Glamorous 2014-Jessica

MS Photogenic 2014: Kirandeep Kaur Birdi; MS Congeniality 2014-Ramneek Dhillon; and MR Attitude 2014: Aayush Sharma.


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