Senate asks Australian Govt to back Lanka war crimes investigation


Greens Leader Christine Milne 


As the international community prepares to vote at the March meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council on a war crimes investigation for Sri Lanka, the Australian Greens have moved a successful Senate motion calling for the Australian government to support the independent investigation.

“The Australian Senate has sent a powerful message to the UN and international community about supporting an international independent war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka,” Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

“This is a long awaited response to horrific allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses committed in Sri Lanka. New evidence from PIAC makes the investigation even more urgent.

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott must end his appeasement of the Sri Lankan government, which is designed to bolster his cruel refugee policies here in Australia.”

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, who recently visited Sri Lanka to review human rights said: “The world will be watching how Australia will be responding to this international call for a  war crimes investigation. Today we have sent a clear message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

“Australia has co-sponsored the last two United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council resolutions on Sri Lanka, and it is crucial that Australia does the same at the coming March meeting.

“The Greens have consistently called for a war crimes investigation and will continue to campaign strongly for one. We welcome Labor’s decision to now support this position.”

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