In the mood for magic?


Then get ready for illusionist Gopinath Muthukad, who will mesmerise Melbourne this March with his unbelievable stunts and sleight of hand

In India, they call him the ‘Man of Magic’. And on 9 March, you will see why.

Master illusionist and stunt performer Gopinath Muthukad, who won the Merlin Award (referred to as the Oscar for magicians) in 2011, has played to sold-out crowds in USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and is set to bring his jaw-dropping acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, and disappearance to Melbourne for the first time this summer.

Muthukad ventured into the world of magic at the age of 10, and apart from his shows around the world, for the past 35 years, he has also organised a series of global magic conventions and campaigns. The illusionist says his motto is “magic with a mission”, and in this regard has pioneered the use of magic as a medium to promote national integration and fight against alcoholism, tobacco and terrorism. Gopinath Muthukad has also founded the first Magic Academy of Asia for obtaining scientific and systematic learning in the magical art.

Among his most famous acts are the Houdini fire escape; the water torture escape; the car vanishing; and the stunning bullet catching act of 1999.

In Melbourne, Muthukad, known for his imaginative magic, is performing a mega-show with a fusion of music and dance performance, along with his 12-member troupe.

Enter Muthukad’s world of illusions on 9 March at Sir Robert Blackwood Hall, Wellington Road, Clayton VIC.

He is being brought to Melbourne is association with the Antz Publicising Group, the parent company for communication media such  as Radio Malayalam, Malayalam Vaartha, ITZ

Eventz, and ITZticketZ. Tickets can be purchased online through

Now’s your chance to catch him in the act before he vanishes.

Published in the Indian Sun (Indian Magazine in Australia)

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