How to have a safe festive season

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The police want you to enjoy the festive season, but know your limitations, and have a plan to return home safely. Police deal with various offences associated with excessive drinking, which include drunken behaviour, assaults and wilful damage. Road trauma is also a key focus for police during this season, not only for drivers but also pedestrians. To have a safe festive season, some of the following tips may assist you.

Christmas Parties

• Eat before or while you are drinking.
• Set limits for yourself, and try to stick to them.
• Avoid rounds or shouts where you may feel pressured to drink beyond your limit.
• Do not leave your belongings or drink unattended. This may create an opportunity for theft or for your drink to be spiked.
• Become familiar with standard drink sizes, and visit the site listed below for guidelines to help you stay under .05. Visit for more information.
• Be aware of alcohol bans in public places with the Central Business District to avoid receiving a fine.Visit, and search for alcohol consumption for further information.

Get Home Safely

• Don’t get lifts with strangers. If a friend is leaving with someone they have just met, make sure everything is alright.
• Don’t walk home alone whether you are a male or a female.
• Wear bright visible clothing.
• Have a designated driver.
• Make sure you have enough money for a cab at a safe city Taxi Rank or for public transport (Nightrider Bus).
• Consider booking accommodation in the city.
Visit the following website for information on late night transport and the safe city taxi ranks:

Party Safe Program

The party safe program provides information to help minimise the risk of things going wrong at your party, such as having intoxicated guests or gate-crashers ruining your fun. It allows you to register your party with the police by going to your local police station and filling out a form. When you register your party you will receive a party information kit, which contains all the information you need about strategies that will help make your party safe and enjoyable for your guests. Visit the link to obtain a copy of this form.

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