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IEC Awards 2013: Nominations exceed 100, grand sponsorship support

The stage is set for the Annual Indian Executive Club Awards to be held at the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 9 November.

To coincide with the awards, On October 31, IEC will launch its annual publication Who’s Who of Melbourne’s Indian Community. This list of 50 Indians from various industries living and working in Melbourne is an impressive list of influential people in the community.

It’s a well-produced publication that every Indian living in Melbourne should possess. The list of 50 was carefully chosen through a process of consultation with a board of advisers that included bipartisan and respected figures. The publication will be launched at the Pitcher Partners office in Melbourne.

This year, 105 businesses have been nominated to compete in different categories. Apart from business categories, IEC recognises people who have been actively championing the cause of the Indian community in Australia.

The event, in recent years, has been a much-anticipated annual gala event for the community as a whole, and not just for entrepreneurs. This day is an occasion to celebrate our contribution to the Australian economy and society. This year’s support in terms of nominations, sponsorship and participation for the event has underlined the respect and support for the IEC. The nominations the IEC received are the greatest validation of the event.

In 2011, the Indian Executive Club was formed solely to serve small- to medium-level entrepreneurs in our community. The objective was to form an alliance and help SMEs network with each other and grow their bonds with Australia and India. But it grew to be more than that. With dedicated effort by the IEC jury members, the awards programme became a genuine platform to recognise talent and hard-work. Winners appreciated the accolades they received from the Club. Those who missed out on the top spots accepted the verdict and returned to participate and try their luck once again. This is a great show of moral support for our judges and the event.

For IEC, Indian Sun and our group of publications, it’s been an interesting journey to organise an event that features John Howard as the keynote speaker. John Howard is a controversial figure, but at the same time an extremely respected advocate of closer Australia-India ties. Mr Howard will speak on Tony Abbott’s India policy in his 45-minute address to the community. In a personal note to the club, he’s expressed his excitement to attend this event. A few years ago, Howard had spoken on how “Euro was a colossal mistake”. He went further to talk about how China’s ageing population will become a drain for the Chinese economy. Mr Howard, however, was quite optimistic about the prospects for a closer relationship with India. John Howard sees India as a sleeping giant. “A relationship with India,” he said, “is Australia’s future.”

We believe that this sentiment will be of great interest to our entrepreneurs and others in the community looking to build stronger trade and cultural ties between the two nations. This is the surest way the Indian community down under can further its own interests in all aspects of life and business. IEC 2013 aims to be a step towards this promising future for India and Australia.

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