It will just be smoke and mirrors, says Velji


Community leader Harish Velji says Liberal victory may not be good for the Indian community.

Do you think the new government will mean a changed situation? If so, how? Could you give the reasons you think the Coalition’s rule will be different?

There will be massive changes. In terms of economy it is generally a myth that the Liberal are better economic managers. The history shows that they waste opportunities. Labor is leaving them a very healthy government and I am expecting that in an effort to bring economy to surplus there is a potential of going into recession and also substantial increase in unemployment. I would love to be proven wrong. As for the small business may be a short term bounce but they are the key generators of economy and I wish a sustained growth by them.

What do you think the concerns of the Indian community were? Do you think the Coalition is not particularly pro-migrant?

The concerns were keeping jobs secure, continuation of good management etc. Also it is seen that when the Liberal Party is in power racists elements come out of wood works. This will be a big worry for the community.

How do you read the results from Western Sydney?

The result is very good for Labor. It defied the trends. People knew that Labor was going to lose the government but still voted for them. They also voted because they have seen these local members work hard for their electorates.

What do you think the South Asian community should look for from this government?

Very little if history is to go by. It will be all smoke and mirrors. Let’s look at the New South Wales Liberal Government. That will be the perfect example for the South Asian Community to expect all talk but no action.

Do you think there should’ve been more Indian candidates in the election?
Ideally yes. But it’s up to each individual to make their decisions.

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