More than just one man and a truck


How a telecom company helped Westgate Bobcat Hire connect better with customers

Westgate Bobcat Hire is a familiar name to many in the western suburbs. We are unlikely to have passed a site without the familiar logo. However, when the company started back in the 80s, it was just a man and his truck.

Jason Turnbull started the business with a second-hand truck. However, it did not stay that way for long.
Located at Williamstown North, their site clean and site cut operations are carried out throughout the greater North West and Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Major building companies including Henley Properties, Porter Davis Homes, Burbank, Glenvill, Bentley Homes and Johns Constructions to name a few, have been behind the rise of the company from that single second-hand truck to the large operation that it is today.

The business grew as the construction boom took over the west. As the business grew, the company went from 5 staff members to over 20.

It was at this time that they realized the company needed a solution to their communication issues.
Answering phone calls in time and before it goes to voice-mail is crucial for many small to medium businesses. “We needed one extra line. We looked at a few options but taking a new line was cost-prohibitive and was not really what we were after,” says Leanne, who runs their office.

It was around this time that Pauline Sherson of Telstra contacted them suggesting that they use the new Digital Business System. “I am a bit reluctant to change but I’ve really been won over by this system,” says Leanne. It’s easy to use and the right solution for our business.

“The ease of installation and no down time was great,” she says adding that we find the equipment easy to use and the convenience of the CommPilot for managing call allocation extremely beneficial. “The ability to easily re-direct incoming calls when you need to be away from the office is invaluable.”

Pauline says that Telstra are careful to not just sell a product. They take into account the nature of the business and the needs of the business and then tailor a solution. “We don’t just sell a product,” says Pauline, and adds that Telstra places great importance on after sales support. Many times they don’t sell products that may be better and more technologically advanced if they feel that the business won’t benefit from such a change.

“When they installed a backup, I was not very much in favour of the extra expenditure but then when there was a problem with the system, I found it to be very useful,” says Leanne about a backup system that was recommended to them by Telstra.

So whether is just one man and truck or a major business organisation with offices all over the nation, Telstra can offer the kind of support that a business needs.

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