Want an Indian in parliament? Vote for Bhupinder Chibber


First Indian candidate for senate calls upon community to rally behind him.

Labor’s candidate for the NSW upper house, Bhupinder Chibber, has urged voters in the South Asian community not to lose a historic opportunity to send the first South Asian to the senate. Chibber has been campaigning in Sydney and the state raising support for his candidacy among South Asians and the wider community of Australians.

Speaking to The Indian Sun at the Revesby Gurudwara in Sydney, Chibber said that the community’s response to news of his candidacy has been overwhelming. As soon as Chibber’s ticket was announced the Bangladeshi and Pakistani community media interviewed him and offered him all their support.

Chibber has called up voters to look beyond regional and other allegiances and support a man who can be the community’s voice in parliament.

Chibber has been involved in community affairs and the Labor party ever since he came to Australia in 2004. Chibber is the current local president of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). The organization is well-known for helping members of the diaspora, particularly those faced with economic, legal or other hardship.

Chibber has also requested voters to be well-informed about the ballot paper and voting procedure. Voters can either vote above the line on the ballot paper for the party they support, or they show their order of preference for the candidates. If they choose to vote below the line, they should make sure they indicate a preference for nearly all the candidates. Please Google this to make sure your vote is not wasted.

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