Movie review : Do not miss this ride to teeming masala entertainment: 3.5/5


They say a perfect blend of action, romance, emotions and comedy makes up for a perfect movie setting. Now whether Chennai Express falls into the category or not? Let’s just board this train and find out… Addressed as the King of Comedy, Rohit Shetty is a brand to reckon with. After delivering five consecutive hits in the comedy genre and the popular Gomaal series, Rohit has teamed with the baadshah of romance, Shah Rukh Khan for another comic caper, Chennai Express.

The movie stars superstar, Shah Rukh Khan and the leggy lass of the industry, Deepika Padukone. The pair last set the screens on fire in 2007 with Dips debut film, Om Shanti Om. The story of the film starts with Rahul (naam to suna hi nahi hoga) played by Shah Rukh Khan, whose grandfather passes away just before turning 100. Rahul immediately decides to leave for Goa with friends, telling his grandmom that he is going to Rameshwaram to immerse his grandfather’s ashes. But little does he know that destiny had something else in mind for him. Rahul boards the Chennai Express to fool his grandmother and meets Meena played by Deepika, who has run away from her house and is now escorted back home by her four brawny cousins. Rahul gets caught in the whole game and thus begins the crazy journey of Chennai Express.

Rohit is known for his mass masala movies and Chennai Express turns out to be just that. The director’s patent cars-flying action, frequent spoofs of bollywood flicks and crude humor is portrayed in a lot better way in this one. The director makes sure to induce all of this in his film along with Shah Rukh Khan’s out-and-out romantic sequences and numbers. However, what makes me wonder (and many would agree with me) is, why Deepika has been given an accent that is not spoken by a single (to be precise) South Indian I have come across.

Speaking of performances, Shah Rukh Khan (we can say) is back. The actor, who has previously tried his hands in full-fledged comedy and failed, has opted to take a risky step. But being an actor of prowess, SRK managed to excel in the comedy scenes this time. The actor is a treat to watch and kind of brings back his DDLJ reminiscences. It has been long, since we have seen SRK in an energetic performance like this. Deepika on the other hand is flawless. Apart from looking beautiful, Deepika’s weird and absurd South accent only adds to her charm. She also manages to outshine Shah Rukh in a few sequences. The chemistry between the lead pair takes the movie to a different level.

The screenplay of the film is not racy and seems to be rambling at some levels. Another irritating thing about the film is its in-your-face advertising. More than half of the film’s dialogues are in Tamil (Do take along a Tamil friend to understand the second half completely). Do not look for sense and astuteness in the plot. You won’t find any. The cinematography is a huge plus for the movie, as the camera very cleverly captures the scenic South Indian locales. The humor quotient of the movie hugely relies on the spoof moments where SRK makes fun of dialogues from his own movies. Editing is sharp. Music by Vishal – Shekhar’s is good, especially the Lungi Dance at the end.

On a whole, Chennai Express is not ‘Boakwas’ at all. The film is a jam-packed masala entertainment ruled by performances by the lead cast.

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