In the service of the community

By Siddharth Suresh

The biggest positive for community publishing in the age of digital media is undoubtedly the opportunity to mix print, events and social media. With the launch of The Indian Sun, we firmly believe we can bridge this gap that exists in the Indian community in Australia. Very few small to medium players have entered this space. But for us at The Indian Sun, this is a journey we have been on for quite a while now. Events, social media and lively discussion have been our enduring passions and they’ve surely provided an impetus to keep the print media alive and kicking.

We have tried it with Indian Executive, a magazine for SMEs operating in the South Asian market. We have also tried it with AU Zone, a magazine published for the Wyndham area in Victoria. We have actively engaged the audiences of these publications through live debate and social media.

Debates and discussions traditionally appearing in the print media are now finding new platforms and avenues through social media. For us, this is one of the greatest opportunities of the digital age. We, as a business, are reinventing ourselves to meet this challenge even as it shapes the way we communicate and interact. Needless to say that community publishing has never been more interesting. The Indian Sun is a venture that is taking shape in response to these new and urgent needs and the opportunities they bring. We believe that the South Asian community in Australia is today anxiously waiting for such a venture.

For The Indian Sun, this is our fifth print publication. Our experiments with events have proven a few things to our team and readers—intellectual discussions are not dead in our community and this is essential to test the pulse of our community. Members participate in these discussions with great fervour. As we witnessed last month, IEC’s panel discussion on Women in Business had an impressive number of attendees. On a cold Friday night, this was a great achievement.

With the Federal elections looming, we have a task of engaging our readers on the various hot poll topics. Since The Indian Sun is a monthly print magazine, our website, twitter and Facebook pages will be pro-active in keeping you up-to-date. Through various platforms of The Indian Sun, we can play a pivotal role in furthering the cause of Indians living in Australia.

Enjoy our new magazine and tweet your feedback @The_Indian_Sun. Or Find us on FB to stay in touch.


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