Beauty queen hosts bazaar for charity

By Our Reporter

Mrs Iraq Universal 2017 Roai Alanbari says she sometimes lies awake at night thinking about the people she can support, with a special inclination towards young children.

That’s one reason she feels compelled to help raise money for children living in less fortunate or countries that are struck with war. She put her thoughts into action recently, when she organised a ‘Bazar and Girls Night’ in Adelaide to raise funds for less fortunate kids in Iraq and Iran.

“When you’re living in such a condition, it’s a very poor and a sad place,” she said.”You never know what will happen tomorrow,” added Roai, who will by represent her current title in the UK.

Roai is a registered nutritionist and was a contestant in Mrs Earth, Melbourne. “I have my sister and mother supporting me with fund-raising and charity events,” she said. “They are my biggest support.”

Despite unimaginable hardships, Roai said she always encouraged others to support her to provide clothing, food and education to the ones most needed.

Her sister, Ranin Sabah Al-Anbari, who contested for Mrs Earth title in Melbourne, assists Roai in organising such charity events—believing in ‘practising what you preach’.

The Bazar and girls night attracted women from various cultural backgrounds. Roai’s family and friends pooled in household things, clothes, shoes and food items that they could sell to the people attending the Bazar night. The food for that night was contributed with a culture of ‘bring a plate to share’.


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