Want to ‘hang’ around for a tour?


Australia, a country with a rich history, a huge continent with beginnings that were based on much human suffering. From its convict beginnings and the harsh and unforgiving environments of yesteryear it isn’t surprising that many of those departed, have decided to “hang” around and spook those who have not yet gone to the other side. Is Australia one of the most haunted countries on this world?

Lantern Ghost Tours specialise in finding those places all over the world that have paranormal activity—or in other words “ghostly” presences. The next time you hear that bump in the night, or you can’t find something you are sure you left in a particular place or hear voices, maybe it isn’t in your head after all.

However, if you are intent on meeting someone from the other side my sources have uncovered Port Arthur is the place to go. Unexplained “things” happen there on a regular basis. Port Arthur, situated on the Australian island of Tasmania, was home to many of the convicts sent to Australia for the horrific crimes they committed in England—they were usually hard core criminals, male and female, convicted of crimes such as stealing food in order to survive the poverty of their homelands. Port Arthur was one of cruelty and worse, and the human sadness has seeped into the bricks, begging those sensitive enough to hear, to listen to the stories of those departed. For those who want to play with those from the other side I’ve found the perfect Ghost Tour there.

Although not one of my regular Lantern Ghost Tours—this tour is as confronting as it gets.



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