Maplewood: Melton South’s new gem merges urban chic with country charm

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Maplewood entrance // Pic supplied

Amid the bustling growth corridors of Melbourne’s outer suburbs, Maplewood Estate emerges as a beacon of lifestyle and opportunity in Melton South. This master-planned residential haven is not merely a place to live; it’s the beginning of a new chapter for families and individuals seeking a blend of rural serenity and urban convenience. Crafted by Golden Group, a stalwart in Australian residential developments with over 20 years of experience, Maplewood embodies the company’s commitment to creating communities that resonate with warmth and long-term value.

Golden Group’s journey, from its inception in 1995 to respected developer with a portfolio running into billions in retail sales, is a testament to its vision and dedication. As a family-run business, the group brings a personal touch to its projects, ensuring that each land development and community they deliver is not just built but crafted with care and attention to detail. Maplewood is no exception. It stands as a testament to Golden Group’s ethos, offering a lifestyle that is as rich in quality as it is in opportunity.

Positioned strategically in Melton South, approx. 39kms from Melbourne’s CBD, Maplewood offers unparalleled access to the city via the Western Freeway and the Deer Park Bypass. The Melton Train Station further enhances connectivity, providing direct routes to Flinders Street and Southern Cross Stations. This ease of access to Melbourne’s bustling city centre is a significant draw for those who cherish urban life yet yearn for the tranquillity of suburban living.

The estate’s allure is magnified by its proximity to an array of amenities and services. From first-class schooling options such as Melton Regional Catholic College, Stoughton College, and Al Iman College, to shopping havens like Woodgrove and Coburn Central Shopping Centres, residents have everything they need within easy reach. Health and wellness are also well catered for, with numerous medical and dental practices dotting the area.

For leisure and recreation, Maplewood does not disappoint. The estate is a stone’s throw from Melton Reservoir, offering outdoor enthusiasts a range of activities from walking and fishing to picnicking. Sports fans will find plenty to cheer about too, with Melton Valley Golf Club, Genesis Fitness, and the world-class Melton Harness Racing and Entertainment Complex nearby.

Housing options in Maplewood are diverse, with a wide range of homesites and Builders House & Land packages from Melbourne’s most reputable builders. This diversity ensures that whether you’re a first-home buyer, a growing family, or downsizers, there’s a dream home waiting for you. With lot sizes up to 697m2 and prices starting from $295,000, the estate offers unparalleled choice and flexibility, allowing residents to craft their perfect lifestyle without compromise.

The City of Melton’s inclusion in Melbourne’s Significant Urban Area is a milestone, propelling Greater Melbourne’s population ahead of Sydney’s. This growth, fuelled by a 61% increase in Melton’s population from 2011 to 2021, underscores the area’s appeal and the potential for investment. The Victorian Government’s commitment to delivering a new Melton Hospital by 2029, with a $900 million investment, further enhances the suburb’s attractiveness, promising state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to the community.

Maplewood Estate is more than just a place to live; it’s a community designed for living well. With its thoughtful planning, commitment to quality, and the vibrant growth of the Melton area, Maplewood offers a lifestyle of serenity, security, and prosperity. Here, amidst the fastest-growing region in Australia, families can flourish, dreams can unfold, and the future looks brighter than ever.

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