Aus-India partnership to empower Indigenous youth in Meghalaya

By Our Reporter
Launch of historic agreement between Youth Change Agents and AVENUES Meghalaya in Melbourne, Feb 6

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Australian social enterprise Youth Change Agents and AVENUES Meghalaya have joined hands to equip thousands of youths with entrepreneurial skills, igniting a transformative wave of change within their lives and communities.

An MOU was signed in Melbourne yesterday by Parth Gulati of Young Change Agents and Mark Laitflang Stone, CEO of Avenues Meghalaya, in the presence of Sushil Kumar, the Consul General of India in Melbourne, and members of the Australia-India Business Council.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Stone hailed the partnership as a historic moment in the youth development narrative of Northeast India.

(L) Parth Gulati, Young Change Agents and Mark Latiflang Stone, CEO AVENUES Meghalaya

“It marks the first knowledge-exchange intervention for entrepreneurship education for Indigenous youth between our nations. Working with Young Change Agents will help us to spark entrepreneurial mindsets in our Indigenous youth, in ways where youth build their confidence and realise what is truly possible,” said Stone.

Margaret O’Brien, CEO of Young Change Agents, conveyed her excitement through a video message, stressing the importance of early access to innovative education. She highlighted the role of entrepreneurship in enabling youth to become the architects of their own futures.

“We are excited to have been invited to partner with AVENUES and exchange knowledge with teachers and communities. The amplifier effect is powerful. It not only takes a village to build a young person’s potential, sometimes they have to find inspiration outside their village and look globally. This is an opportunity to help unearth that potential,” she said.

From L: Aruna Venkatachalam, GM, Partnerships and International, Young Change Agents, Parth Gulati and Mark Laitflang Stone

With a track record of empowering over 135,000 youths through entrepreneurship, Young Change Agents brings invaluable expertise to the table. AVENUES Meghalaya, as North East India’s pioneering life-skills training social enterprise, is poised to spearhead this transformative initiative.

This partnership program, developed through three years of deep co-design alongside Australian First Nations youth, aims to address the unique challenges faced by Indigenous youth in Meghalaya.By integrating knowledge from Australia, the program seeks to create a global community of practice, offering international exposure and opportunities for growth and advancement.

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