Summer’s MCG Tour & Aussie sports museum spectacle

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This summer, sports enthusiasts and families are in for a treat as the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) opens its doors for an unforgettable experience. Available is an immersive experience through the ‘Summer at the ‘G’ package, merging the thrill of an MCG Tour with a visit to the Australian Sports Museum.

Presented within the historic Gate 3 of the MCG, this day out promises entertainment for locals and visitors alike. Cricket devotees, brace yourselves for a trip down memory lane as you explore the hallowed MCG, reliving the legendary tales of cricketing heroes.

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Guided by passionate Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) Tour Guides, the MCG Tour offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this sporting icon. From walking along the boundary line to stepping inside the players’ change rooms, and admiring the Shrine to Test Cricket featuring portraits of legends like Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, it’s a 75-minute experience rich in history.

Inside Gate 3, the Australian Sports Museum awaits, showcasing interactive exhibits that highlight Australia’s diverse sporting culture. Featuring over 95 different sports, the museum offers a journey through the nation’s athletic history.

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Notable attractions include a Shane Warne hologram and Cathy Freeman’s iconic running suit from the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Visitors can test their skills in the crowd-favorite interactive ‘Game On! Gallery.’

Don’t miss out on this summer spectacle—immerse yourself in the thrill, relive iconic moments, and celebrate Australia’s sporting heritage with the ‘Summer at the ‘G‘ experience.

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