India secures World Cup Final berth with a 10-0 winning streak, overpowers New Zealand by 70 runs

By Navneet Ganesh
Courtesy: ICC via Getty Images // Photo supplied by Navneet Ganesh

In a stunning display of cricket prowess, India extended its unbeaten streak to ten victories at the World Cup, clinching a spot in the final after a compelling semi-final clash against New Zealand. Despite facing one of their most challenging matches of the tournament, India emerged triumphant with a 70-run win, showcasing resilience and skill.

Captain Rohit Sharma acknowledged the intensity of the semi-final, highlighting the need for composure and focus. “Today being the semi-finals, I wouldn’t say that there was no pressure. Whenever you play the game, there is always pressure, and obviously semi-final adds a bit of extra there. But I think the guys were doing the job,” Rohit commented after the game.

India’s dominant performance was characterized by a formidable batting display, amassing a total of 397 runs, led by stellar individual contributions. Virat Kohli achieved a remarkable milestone, notching up his 50th ODI hundred in front of his wife and surpassing cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Shreyas Iyer continued his impressive form with a rapid century, the third-fastest by an Indian in a World Cup during this edition.

Rohit Sharma, known for his explosive starts, set the stage with a blazing innings, providing the team with an advantageous beginning. Despite Rohit’s departure at 47, the top order’s consistency and adherence to their roles propelled India to the highest total in a World Cup knockout match.

Facing a target of 397, New Zealand, led by Daryl Mitchell’s exceptional innings of 134, attempted to challenge India. However, Mohammed Shami’s extraordinary bowling performance, claiming 7 wickets for 57 runs, thwarted New Zealand’s pursuit and secured India’s comprehensive victory. Shami is now the leading wicket taker at the World Cup with 23 wickets at an average of 9.13 with three 5-wicket hauls and one 4-wicket haul in just six matches played.

Notably, India’s top five batsmen also boast the highest average in a single World Cup, underscoring their collective brilliance. Jasprit Bumrah, overcoming an initial challenge, and Shami’s crucial strikes solidified India’s dominance in both batting and bowling departments.

As India marches into the final with an impeccable record, the team’s ability to handle pressure, deliver consistent performances, and showcase individual brilliance positions them as formidable contenders for World Cup glory.

About the Author: Nav Ganesh is the founder of Infinity Cricket, a cricket aficionado currently with an incurable case of cricket fever. When he’s not living out his dreams, he occasionally taps away at the keyboard to conjure cricketing tales, typing articles instead of bowling underwhelming deliveries and batting away writer’s block with finesse. Dive into the world of Infinity Cricket on Instagram ( for more cricket posts, insights and the occasional bout of cricket-induced wit.

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