Ladies take the lead: The surge of female investors in property

By Our Reporter

The investment market has long been viewed as a predominantly male domain, but recent trends indicate a change in the landscape. George Markoski, a property expert and owner of $40 million worth of real estate, recently revealed that the number of single women seeking his services has risen significantly. Now making up over 30% of his client base, these women are stepping up to claim their stake in the property market.

Markoski, founder of Positive Property, attributes this trend to a variety of factors. Chief among them is a growing awareness among women of the need to secure their financial future independently. This awareness is heightened by the pay gap between men and women, which makes it increasingly vital for women to invest wisely for their long-term security.

It’s not just about earnings, though. Superannuation, or what Americans call retirement funds, also plays a role. On average, women have 28% less in their super accounts than men. According to Markoski, this disparity is not just because of the pay gap but also due to many women taking time out of the workforce for child-rearing. Though societal shifts are seeing more equitable sharing of domestic responsibilities, the financial repercussions of past practices linger, especially for women approaching retirement.

“Women are now taking back control of their financial future after learning just how easy it can be if you follow the right strategies. I’m very proud to say that I’ve helped more than 750 women buy property, even those on lower incomes,” said Markoski.

And it’s not only single women who are making waves in the property market. Markoski reports that there has been a strong uptick in partnered women reaching out for investment advice, as opposed to their male counterparts. This comes in contrast to a 27.1% decrease in male investors involving their spouses in property decisions from 2020 to 2023.

One such case is Stacey Holland from NSW. Holland didn’t have the cash for an initial deposit, so she turned to her superannuation account to purchase her first investment property. Using what’s known as the “Markoski Method,” Holland was able to save up for a cash deposit for her next property and then went on to add a third property to her portfolio through her self-managed super account.

“As a logical thinker, I find comfort and confidence in strategies that make sense and can be logically understood. The Markoski Method, in my perspective, is nothing short of a foolproof system,” Holland commented.

The rise in women, both single and partnered, taking an active interest in property investment is not only a trend but perhaps also a sign of a broader societal shift. As women seek to close the financial gap and secure their futures, the property market stands as a welcoming avenue for their investments. With experts like George Markoski guiding the way and clients like Stacey Holland showing what’s possible, the future for women in property investment looks promising indeed.

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